Keweenaw NHP
Calumet, MI

The Keweenaw National Historical Park was established in 1992 and there were no offical park service facilities, like a visitor center, when I visited.  I got this stamp at the Calumet Tourism Council visitor center right along US-41, near 6th Street. Eastern National, the company that makes the stamps, lists 14 different stamps for this park and the cooperating sites.  Be forewarned: the cooperating sites are not run by the NPS and getting hold of the stamps may prove difficult and frustrating

Keweenaw NHP
Calumet, MI

This is a slightly different stamp which can be found at the park headquarters in Calumet at 100 Red Jacket Road.  I appreciate how it doesn't say "Cooperating Sites" on this stamp, because for a stamp collector there is nothing cooperative about the sites of the Keweenaw NHP.

Keweenaw NHP - Calumet Theatre
Calumet, MI

The Calumet Theatre is located at 340 Sixth Street, between Elm and Oak Streets.  The stamp is kept at the box office which is not open on Mondays.  906-337-2610.

Keweenaw NHP - Copper Range Historical Museum
South Range, MI

You'll find this place at the corner of Champion and Route 26.  And you'll need to ask for the stamp.  906-482-6125.

Keweenaw NHP - Coppertown Museum
Calumet, MI

This stamp is inside the gift shop of the Coppertown USA building at 101 Red Jacket Road in Calumet.  906-337-4354.

Keweenaw NHP - Delaware Copper Mine
Delaware, MI

The guy who runs this place told me they don't give out the stamp unless you take a mine tour ($$$).  Well, I did not take a tour, but I did get the stamp.  The site is halfway between Copper Harbor and Calumet, about 1/4 mile up a dirt lane along US-41.  906-289-4688.

Keweenaw NHP - Fort Wilkins State Park
Copper Harbor, MI

Follow US-41 about 1 mile past Copper Harbor and the entrance station will be on the right.  Park and walk inside the station to ask for the stamp.  906-289-4215.

Keweenaw NHP - Hanka Homestead
Barage, MI

This place is hard to find.  From Route 41, south of the town of Keweenaw Bay, turn west onto Bear Town Road.  There will be a very small sign on Route 41 that says Finnish Farm.  Follow Bear Town for about 6 miles to the site, though the woods and down a dirt road.  The stamp is just as hard to find as the site itself. Actually the volunteer tour guide and I did not locate it, although it is in the house, somewhere.  Instead I got it from park headquarters in Calumet.  906-334-2601.

Keweenaw NHP - Houghton County Historical Museum
Lake Linden, MI

This place is along route 26 in Lake Linden, between Calumet and Hancock.  Admission is $5. The stamp is at the reception desk and you will need to ask for it. 906-296-4121.

Keweenaw NHP - Keweenaw County Historical Museum
Eagle Harbor, MI

Eagle Harbor lies on SR-26 between Eagle River and Copper Harbor.  This stamp is kept in the Eagle Harbor Light Station.  There is a $3 admission charge. 906-289-4990.

Keweenaw NHP - Larium Manor Inn
Laurium, MI

Don't bother going here.  You won't find the stamp.  The rude idiots who run the place returned their stamp to the park service.  Their reason being that "people would come in asking for it without taking the tour, LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO!"  Well, in order to get a stamp, you're not "supposed"  to do anything, except show up.  But a site that is a cooperative unit of a national park is "supposed" to have a stamp.  Without it they shouldn't enjoy the entitlements that being part of a nationally advertised site brings to them, like increased visitation and the money that goes along with it.  You can get the stamp at park headquarters in Calumet.  On second thought, perhaps you should go to the Inn anyway.  And ask for the stamp.  Then as you ride away, give them a middle finger salute. 

Keweenaw NHP - McLain State Park
Hancock, MI

McLain State Park is located on M-203, halfway between Calumet and Hancock.  They have the stamp at the entrance station. 906-482-0278.

Keweenaw NHP - Old Victoria
Victoria, MI

From US-45 in Rockland, turn west on Elm Street, which turns into Victoria Dam Road, and continue about 4 miles.  Old Victoria will be on the right.  The stamp is in the visitor center cabin, and if no one is there look for it behind the curtain covering the pantry area. 906-884-4735.

Keweenaw NHP - Porcupine Mountains Wilderness
Silver City, MI

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is along the shores of Lake Superior, west of Silver City.  The visitor center is near the intersection of MR-107 and South Boundary Road, just a couple miles west of Silver City and 15 miles west of Ontonagon.  Ask for the stamp at the information desk. 906-885-5275.

Keweenaw NHP - Quincy Mine Hoist
Hancock, MI

The Quincy Steam Host and Mine is located on US-41 a few miles north of Hancock.  The stamp is in the visitor center/gift shop.  Ask for it at the cash register. 906-482-3101.

Keweenaw NHP - Seaman Mineralogical Museum
Houghton, MI

The A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum is located on the 5th floor of the Electrical Engineering Resources Center on the Michigan Technological University Campus in Houghton.  The campus is just east of town, along US-41.  Admission is $3, but the 20,000 mineral specimens on display are quite impressive.  The stamp is kept at the desk in the gift shop. 906-487-2572.

Keweenaw NHP - Upper Peninsula Fire Fighters Memorial Museum
Calumet, MI

Directly across the street from the Calumet Theatre, this museum is located at 327 Sixth Street.  The stamp is just inside, at the visitor's register podium. 906-337-4579.

Pictured Rocks NL
Grand Marais, MI

This stamp is at the Grand Sable Visitor Center, about 1 mile west of Grand Marais, off of route 77. 

Pictured Rocks NL
Munising, MI

At 400 East Munising Avenue, at the junction of State Highway 28 and County Road H-58, is the joint Pictured Rocks/Hiawatha National Forest Visitor Center.  The stamp is right at the information desk.  There is also a stamp here for the North Country National Scenic Trail.

Sleeping Bear Dunes NL
Empire, MI

The dunes are along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, on the northwest corner of Michigan's lower peninsula.  The stamp is at the Philip A. Hart Visitor Center on route 72 in Empire.